Before I start this blog post, it would probably be proper to introduce myself first. My name is Taylor, and I come from a pleasantly small town, just North of Nashville. Being that I still attend high school, I am still trying to piece my future together a little at a time. I recently got hired by mom to join her real estate firm. When she hired me I thought that real estate would be sitting behind a desk in black dress pants and high heels on. I don’t really know what inspired this image in my head of a well-dressed woman behind a desk catering to a few people just signing papers, but it didn’t take long for me to realize, real estate isn’t really that easy. Real estate is more like sitting behind a desk, pulling your hair out because an inspection came back slightly different than a buyer would like. Real estate is leaving the dinner table in the middle of supper to meet a client at the gas station to sign some papers. In just a small period I realized how important a realtor really is.