Many time throughout life, people will give you some common advice. Here's some popular advice: 1. Tell your momma that you love her. 2. Always visit your grandparents 3. Don't leave the toilet seat up 4. Make connections. 

Those are just a view very valuable pieces of advice, but making connections is my main focus. Sometimes you meet people during your everyday routines, and you connect. You depend on each other's appearances. Perhaps you see the same cashier every week, and when they aren't at work you wonder what's wrong. We often run through life not realizing the connections we are making with people. We just think about running in and out of the store. We worry about the amount of time we spend standing in line, rather than turning around to talk to the person next to you. Don't be afraid to compliment someone, they might need it. Make friends everywhere you go. You're ability to learn increases when you are able to talk to a stranger and hear their views. 

Real estate is all about communications and connections. We turn our clients into life long friends. We want to talk to the cashier, or the waitress. Let us at 24 Realty learn from you, and grow. We want to bring offers to your table, and invite you to close it at ours! 

"Communication-the human connection- is the key to personal and career success."-Paul J.Meyer