As life gets busy, and the days get shorter I always find myself procrastinating everything. Today I had a whopping total of three tests and two papers due. Last night before bed, I had all intentions of setting my alarm a little earlier in order to accomplish some studying and last minute writing, but as many of you can relate, that’s not at all what happened. I woke up with roughly ten minutes to leave the house, and some really crazy hair! Of course, I ended up successfully cramming for my tests in my car, five minutes before the late bell rung, but at least I got to sleep in. Now, I understand that most of you reading my blog are not still stuck in high school worrying about tests, but my point is that procrastination comes in many different shapes and sizes. It is not always about sleeping in or cramming for tests. I tend to procrastinate my goals a lot. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking; I’m in high school how hard could my goals be? What happens is one day, you’re cramming for a history test, and the next day you are buying your own house. The list continues; time does not stop for you to achieve your goals. Set your alarms earlier, wake up with a positive outlook, and achieve your dreams each day. Whether it be finishing a two-page paper or deciding to sell your house. Today’s market is a very demanding market with little room for procrastination. Give us a call, and let us here at 24 Realty help you achieve your goals. Goals are everywhere. Achieve them humbly each day!