Who are we?


Yes, we are a group of real estate agents who all want to make a living, but that’s not all we are. At 24 Realty we are a family. Behind those glass doors are seven agents who choose to serve our community the best way we know how. So much goes on behind those doors.


In our lobby, we host community-wide events like our annual visits from Santa and the Easter Bunny. We love opening our doors to the community in every way possible.


At our desks, you will find stacks of paper and post-it notes. This is where the crazy happens. At our desks, we make phone calls and work hard on contracts. Sometimes, we will sit at our desk for twelve hours a day trying to help our clients achieve their home buying and selling needs. Other days we may be in the field for hours showing houses and sending emails on our smart phones.


The conference table - this is our favorite area. This is where we begin our real estate journey with our clients. This is where we sign paperwork and meet our clients. We find out how much they want to sell their home for or how much they want to spend on their new home. We also find out about their children and the sports they play, or we find out about their parents and their aging needs. A lot is discussed -more than just contracts and business decisions.


Once the deals are done, and it is time for closing, we sit back down at the conference room table with our clients, and we share our appreciation for each of them. Smiles, laughs, tears, and so many more emotions are expressed in our office. We hope each of our clients are pleased with our hard work and dedication to them.


So yes- we are real estate agents at 24 Realty; but above that, we are a family. We want to grow close with the community. We want your children to come here and visit Santa and the Easter bunny. We want to know about your parents. We want to invite you into our family in hopes that you allow us to be a part of yours.

We are more than just real estate agents; we are a family.